Andreas Gröger

Andreas is a distinguished Senior Manager and a proven leader of distributed teams in R&D as well as in business. With a strong background in Electrical Engineering spanning 25 years, he combines his deep tech expertise with a passion for driving business innovation and the development of next-generation technology. His diverse experience encompasses roles in a Machine Building Company, involvement in University spin-off activities, and valuable contributions to Siemens‘ innovation leadership. This extensive background has resulted in a proven track record of successfully transforming pre-development activities into innovative products during his tenure at Siemens and includes the organizational transformation from Hardware focus to combined Hardware/Software offerings.

Andreas‘ primary areas of expertise and interest lie in Advanced Power Electronics Systems, Automation & Drives Equipment, Machine Building, and Battery/Hybrid Production. He is dedicated to fostering and expanding ecosystems that bridge leading Companies and Universities, a commitment he takes pride in. Andreas finds satisfaction in nurturing the next generation of tech leaders and building exceptional global teams.